Architecture and design are my passion. In design, I create visual interest through the combined use of contrasting elements, including color, texture, material, cultural influence and placement. It is important to include pieces that accentuate your personality and style. My style is inspired by cultures throughout the world. I include items that I’ve both purchased on my travels and in my favorite boutiques. But I also find pleasure integrating furniture and accessories from some of my favorites ubiquitous stores as Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, Resoration Hardware, Z Gallerie and West Elm.

In accessorizing the entry hall below, I combined pieces using earthen elements and tones. Smooth, metalic-finished ceramics and a dark, polished mirrored bench are grouped with contrasting rough surfaces of light wood and wicker and velvet-textured textiles. New pieces are integrated with antique treasures. I especially love the ornate, metal gate which anchors the items and provides a unique, textural backdrop. Pieces are positioned to emphasize the gradual rise of the gracefully curving staircase.


I adore design influence from around the world. In this corner niche, I grouped and layered elements for interest. African ebony candlesticks contrast against the elevated Asian-influenced hammered brass platter and gracefully curved ceramic urns. Combined, the pieces provide visual movement and balance.


It is important to design with a sense of pride. Maintaining a space free of clutter provides clarity of mind and contributes to a look of distinction. Display charished items. Eliminate excess.

Allow your space to radiate your ideal self!

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