This is a beautiful account of a journey through Nigeria… I’m very aware and concerned for our need to understand the rest of the world in order to promote peace and tolerance among all.

Eric Kueneman Ph.D.

First Impressions, by Judee Fisher:

Lagos is a giant, sprawling, dismal, dirty city full of smiling, beautiful people, situated on the ocean at the edge of an amazing tropical rain forest. Hot and cloudy, this being rainy season, Lagos is a dichotomy of filth and chaos in the midst of beautiful flora. Perhaps the most spectacular is the Flamboyant tree, appropriately named with large clusters of orange blossoms complimenting its lacy green leaves. The red dirt (not volcanic, but ancient) contrasts with emerald foliage of coconut and other palms, mangos, bananas, eucalyptus, rubber and teak, washed at least daily by warm tropical showers.

Against puffy white and grey clouds, mixed with black foreboding ones, are rusted tin roofs as well as walls. Walls are everywhere – block ones topped with barbed wire, spikes and broken glass, and high iron walls with massive ornate gates. Unbelievable pockets of slums are interspersed…

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