Imagine if we transformed our cultural interactions! Together, we could dispel our fears and instead foster an appreciation for diversity. Join me on an enlightening journey to ignite curiosity.

Let’s embrace knowledge and explore our common threads! 🌍✨

Community Master Planning

Imagine. We all crave comfort. We all want cozy havens and to feel warm and fuzzy in our environment. Our surroundings reflect our values, our desires, our dreams. So what we build is a huge responsibility. We need to build more than just dull structures. We’re talking about crafting vibrant, well-connected communities, better integrated with nature, that are actually for people not just cars.

Connection. More than just a roof over our heads, our homes become gateways to a neighborhood of endless possibilities. Imagine having walking access to shared amenities, mouthwatering restaurants, and a vibrant array of activities. In this extraordinary community, our neighbors become cherished friends and our furry companions enjoy playdate meetups in the park. We use the same roads. We walk on the same paths. 

Design is key. Let’s not settle for mediocre aesthetics or big, generic boxes. For lasting beauty, quality craftsmanship and attention to detail are it. Imagine that perfect blend of history and nature, where modern amenities are infused with character, where nature is preserved to support the planet, allowing us to all breathe fresh air while staying connected as a whole.

And let’s not forget, we’re all part of this big ol’ global tribe. So let’s embrace the quirks, share heartfelt laughter, and take responsibility for nurturing our planet.

El Dorado Hills: on the Brink of Change

El Dorado Hills, once on track to be one of America’s best towns, still has an opportunity to lead the movement toward more thoughtful development. But, if we can’t influence a different mindset from the one currently in place, plans for development will turn this town into another uninspired Californian suburb: a visionless sprawl without…

Demand Elegance: Block Big Box for EDH 52

Developers recently submitted plans to construct a large-scale commercial complex on property in El Dorado Hills at the north end of highway-50, flanking Silva Valley Parkway. This land parcel, known as EDH 52, sits next to a school and directly in front of our quiet—and until now—beautifully-planned Serrano neighborhood with a natural hillside view. For…

Finding Ambiance in El Dorado Hills, California

With little over a decade of history, this new town works to cultivate a sense of culture. While its historically-inspired buildings and manicured scenery provide the atmosphere of a village, it is the local shops that provide its character. Here in El Dorado Hills, California, I continuously seek out places to enrich my soul and enliven my spirit. Town Center, developed by…

Food for Thought

Wisdom is a deep knowing.

Genuine wisdom emanates not from external sources, but from the depths of our own being. Within each of us resides a powerful force that both guides and learns. Embracing a world of interconnectedness, we have the incredible opportunity to be both the teacher and the student. Let’s embrace this extraordinary chance for growth, embrace change, fresh perspectives, and the beauty of diverse opinions.

In this digital age, technology enables us to effortlessly share profound insights and inspirational wisdom. These uplifting nuggets of knowledge have the remarkable ability to swiftly ripple through the world, fostering positivity, and nurturing our collective consciousness.

Streamlining Our Life: Less Things Means More Experiences

A Personal Journey—How downsizing upgraded our lives and revealed what’s really important to us, in this moment. It may seem counterintuitive, particularly for an architectural designer amid a pandemic, to sell our house and move into an apartment. But that’s exactly what we did. We let go of the “American dream.” As homeowners for the…

Virtual Travel During Challenges

Virtual trips allow us to experience places that we may not be able to visit just yet, but may like to go someday; or perhaps they ignite memories of previous travels. My intention is to provide hope and inspiration through my stories and photos while transporting you during this challenging time. My thoughts and prayers…

Honoring 9/11, Promoting Peace

Honored to have been chosen as my son’s interviewee for his 8th grade writing assignment for which he was to interview someone who could recall the tragic events of 9/11, I feel it is important to honor the day, while promoting freedom, peace and tolerance. In remembrance of the people who lost their lives, or…


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