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Follow the Creation of a Dream Kitchen!

Step 1: Smart planning is the first key step in developing a successful kitchen. An effective plan promotes increased organization and efficiency. After my initial meeting with a client, I get to work developing layout options that meet their goals and desires. Here, I follow my redesign and renovation process for a client's kitchen. BEFORE…

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Clean Design

Uncluttered, bold, and sophisticated. Timeless simplicity in its lines, yet warm and livable. There are a lot of great sources out there for great design. From them, I have found my own inspiration. Below are a few of my favorites that I thought that I'd share. Kreiss has some really nice furniture with wonderfully clean, contemporary…

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Get Organized

If you're like me, you keep everything of (what you perceive as) value. You know: perfectly good, but rarely, if ever, used items. Let's start with your wardrobe. This includes the expensive, but outdated designer outfit hanging in your closet. I once had a suit hanging up that no longer fit, but cost me a…

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