Design is a process.

Design starts with a concept, an idea, waiting to be developed, then brought to fruition. The process is an act of discovering the pieces of a puzzle, then creating cohesion, function and art with and within its parts.

My process to discover a solution keeps the end in mind, while connecting individual spaces and elements, and ultimately working through each detail. Lighting, volume, purpose and transitions must be well-considered to gain a balance between form and function.

Prior to putting ideas to paper, it is essential for me to identify the style, materials and resources, study the connection to the surrounding environment or existing structure, and work to understand the final needs of the client.


Gallery of completed projects

My professional focus is architectural space planning for luxury homes. Keeping in mind my restaurant background, I have also designed for hospitality. The function of a space combined with the desired aesthetic guide design choices. For all projects, I develop an aesthetic true to its style influence, with special attention to the flow, function and finish materials. Cohesion and attention to detail, as well as teaming with skilled professionals, are essential to get quality results. And research is often required to create the desired design aesthetics. I feel fortunate to have collaborated with wonderful clients who value quality and have given me the opportunity to develop their spaces.

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Sketches | Models | Rendering

Projects take shape conceptually, helping to gain an understanding of a space and resolve complications. Materials, colors and finishes can be applied to help communicate ideas. A variety of methods are used, including sketches, hand renderings, and computer models. Floor plans, elevations, sections, details, and isometric drawings communicate the design to the clients and builders.

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Collection of research and experience

Inspiration is all around us. It is discovered through history, art, technology, nature, and artisanal cuisine. Although today’s technology can provide access to inspiration, the best way is through personal, physical experience—travel. As I expand my art, explore the creative design process, and discover its influences, I invite you to join my journey around the world.

In an effort to broaden our cultural understanding and awareness, I share my exploration of architecture & art, customs & beliefs, food, culture and the environment through my continued education and research. My intention is to provide a collective of my research and experience, while stimulating understanding, acceptance, and hopefully, appreciation between us all. Let us embrace and celebrate our cultural differences, while discovering common threads at our core.

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