c. 8th century BC – 21st century
Chinese, Japanese, Hindu and Buddhist Temples

Influences: indigenous traditions and spiritual philosophies

Asian Architecture + Design

Asian architecture includes a vast array of styles (ultimately too broad for one page) found throughout the largest continent with a history spanning several millennia. For now, “Asian” encompasses China, Japan, Korea, countries of Southeast Asia, and the area in and around India. At once ancient and modern, Asia continues to influence the world.

Asian America, United States

Structures become a component of Chinese and Japanese gardens—sources of inspiration to the West. Feelings of quiet contemplation are created where the natural, exterior world blends seamlessly with the interior spaces.

Portland’s Lan Su Chinese Garden

An exquisite cultural experience is found at the Lan Su Chinese Garden in downtown Portland, Oregon. This classical Suzhou-style walled garden has a series of events and activities happening daily. Visitors can take in a tour of the gardens; enjoy authentic Chinese tea and teacakes in the Teahouse; listen to music; attend festivals, workshops and lectures; experience classical Chinese art forms of poetry and calligraphy; participate in Tai…