c. 1400 – 1600
Italy and France — Influences: economic prosperity with conscious humanism, study of classical Roman ruins and writings, and human scale

As trade flourished throughout Western Europe, the Renaissance was a period of enlightenment and rebirth of Roman architectural influences. Artistic patronage expanded for public and private showings.

Renaissance France

French royalty and the aristocracy enjoyed and displayed their wealth through the construction of elegant palaces around the country for entertaining. Châteaux of the Loire Valley remain in abundance as ideal examples from this period.

Exporing Touraine in the Loire Valley

The city of Tours and Château d’Artigny was a good starting point for our self-guided driving tour throughout the Loire Valley of France. Our day’s agenda took us through the region of Touraine, to Château de Chenonceau and Château d’Amboise. We first arrived at Chenonceau, one of the loveliest and most romantic of all the chateaux… From there, we headed off to the town of…