Intelligent planning is well-considered—looking at the big picture along with the details—and engages the expertise of others, while knowledge gained through continued education and research is key to progress.

Planning saves time and money and creates lasting results—elements essential to success and longevity. Experience is a gateway to fuller comprehension of timelessness and the immense significance of our built environment.

While there are many sources to gain information, I have found that travel best broadens my perspective on both design and life. When travel is not a viable option, however, books and the Internet are common sources for information and inspiration.

Discovering other cultures—in other countries or within my own—and other ideas or ways of doing things expands me. First-hand experiences, captured through my senses, are most effective.

There is nothing like experiencing our historical treasures first hand: breathing in its centuries of history beneath the vast dome of the Hagia Sophia; hearing the incredible acoustics while a youth choir sings inside Chartres Notre Dame; seeing the warm flicker of lights glisten off the canals between the streets of Amsterdam at night.

Regardless of where it is gained, research is an important aspect of the design process. It is during this initial phase that I gain ideas and a sense of a desired aesthetic and function.