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For this magnificent residence, I conceived a vision to transform the family’s dream into a remarkable reality. The final outcome masterfully sculpted a brand new abode into the solid granite hillside on five sprawling acres, granting captivating views of Folsom Lake. Honoring the client’s desires, their previous structure was razed to clear the path for an exquisite Tuscan-inspired villa.

The architectural marvel elegantly embraces a central courtyard, seamlessly blending the realms of nature and the indoor living spaces. The combination of wooden beams, intricately crafted ironwork, and towering granite stonework creates an exquisite ambience. Through the retractable family room wall, a portico frames breathtaking views beyond the vanishing edge pool. These outdoor living areas, epitomize elegance, ideal for entertaining and savoring moments of pure bliss. Bellissimo!

Tuscan-Style Villa

NEW HOME DESIGN IN CALIFORNIA Sitting with a lovely couple in the foothills of California one day, we discussed the dreams they had for their 5-acre property overlooking Folsom Lake. Inspired by Tuscan villas, I could clearly visualize the home that they described and set out to help them create their vision. Chiseled out of…

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Tuscan-Style Villa Plan

NEW HOME CONSTRUCTION When I first met with the clients, they described their desire for a large family home inspired by villas in the Tuscan region of Italy. They imagined rooms surrounding a central courtyard with a loggia overlooking a pool, with a view of the lake beyond. Immediately connecting with their vision, I set out…

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