creating architecture, interiors and layouts with authenticity, detail and


capturing features and craftsmanship through the lens of a world


expressing thoughtful narratives on excellence as a design, culture, and food

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So you want to update your space or build a home, restaurant, or online presence, or maybe you’d like to refine your floor plan for better flow. I can help you remotely to develop a concept and turn a design into reality.


My photos seek to capture the characteristics of places. These images show the qualities and details of places through my perspective—the lens of a traveler, inspired by locals. Let’s create pictures for your project or space.


My stories and info pieces focus on travel, architecture, cultural heritage, and food. As a traveler and gastronome (aka “foodie”), I want to find out about the local flavors and what makes a place cool. Contact me to collaborate.


My intention is to celebrate culture and design and to expand your joy about our planet through my art and with the craftsmanship of others—and ultimately, to encourage our collective global sustainability efforts.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi

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