Professionally, I am an architectural designer, but also a writer, a photographer, a traveler, as well as a lover of food, language and culture. I help people create their optimal environment. With a high level of design guidance, I clarify their visions and turn concepts into reality. Through collaboration with skilled consultants, contractors and artisans, together we produce a result of refined detail and quality.

My professional experience has expanded my views on global architecture and design, both historical and contemporary. Inspired by worldwide traditions and the evolution of architecture throughout history, I aim to promote and retain cultural heritage and art forms while embracing innovation.


We are a culmination of our experiences.

For years I have been designing, writing about and photographing our world. I appreciate how detail and passion cultivates quality. My background is diverse. I grew up in Portland, Oregon, discovering an appreciation for language, culture, and global cuisine and design; the array of architectural styles and building methods found throughout the world and history fascinated me.

Prior to my design education and a career in architectural design, I worked in high-end fashion retail and served in a traditional Japanese restaurant. Both experiences honed my standard for detail, quality and service. During my four years learning the art of sushi and Japanese cuisine, I studied the language and culture. (Yes… I was the first caucasian female sushi chef in Portland.) In addition to Japanese, I have studied French, Spanish and Italian.

While completing my design degree in California, I began my career as a kitchen and bath designer for a residential design firm. My interest in architectural history influenced my appreciation for global design. Upon graduation, I expanded my architectural abilities designing for a commercial architect. For several years I teamed with architects, engineers and contractors to develop creative, functional spaces for large-scale projects in multiple sectors: healthcare, education, civic, commercial and hospitality. Finally in 2008, I took my skills out on my own and created AMG Inspired Design.

I now live in California, the golden foothills of the Sierra Nevada, with my husband and two boys—students who play competitive soccer. We are fortunate to live among people of differing backgrounds and ethnicity. Traveling as often as possible, we continue to discover cultures through history, language, design and food, while expanding my craft. As I continue to explore the world, I am able to bring this experience to my clients who value artistry, quality and detail.


Creating Extraordinary Spaces that Inspire

Architecture and interior design should work in harmony, connected to the surrounding environment. Visual interest is created through focal points and use of materials, textures and colors. As I provide insight for clients who wish to achieve both function and attention to detail, my challenge is to accomplish this while remaining conscious of the affected world around us.

Well-planned design is the first step to promoting a thoughtful, detailed design… a space that will ultimately be more functional and enjoyed longer. Spend more time planning to save overall. Space and design should:

        • Flow functionally and aesthetically
        • Create focal points
        • Use natural materials
        • Combine contrasting elements
        • Illuminate to highlight design features

I believe that it is our responsibility to improve our relationship with the earth and as a global community. My desire is to find alternatives in my design practice that are sustainable and ecologically friendly. My goal is to contribute to a world in which its inhabitants live in harmony with each other and its environment.


 Professional design services custom fit to your need
  • Hourly Design Services ($100/hour—set fees available):
    • New Home Design Development
    • Renovation
    • Kitchen and Bath
  • e-Design services available (starting at $800/room):
    • Email design request with your functional and aesthetic desires—provide photos and dimensions of existing spaces
    • Upon review of the request, photos and , you will receive a quote for services
    • Depending on services requested, you will receive a comprehensive design layout with drawings as necessary (floor plan, elevations, etc), cut sheets for appliances/fixtures, finish suggestions, etc.


To discuss your project needs

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