Creating Extraordinary Spaces that Inspire

Well-planned design is the first step to promoting a thoughtful, detailed design… a space that will ultimately be more functional and enjoyed longer. Spend more time planning to save overall. Space and design should:

  • Flow functionally and aesthetically
  • Create focal points
  • Use natural materials
  • Combine contrasting elements
  • Illuminate to highlight design features

I believe that it is our responsibility to improve our relationship with the earth and as a global community. My desire is to find design solutions that are sustainable and ecologically friendly. My goal is to contribute to a world in which its inhabitants live in harmony with each other, conscious of the affected world around us.

Enthusiast of Quality Living and Experiences

To understand other cultures and languages, my aim is to experience the world without judgment, seeing life through different eyes, honoring other customs, ways of communicating. It may be difficult to separate ourselves from our own culture and biases, but our lives are enhanced through an openness to experience the colorful array of differences found throughout the world, and even within our own communities.

When learning to speak another language, I pay attention to the way people speak, the way it sounds. Like a child who absorbs the voices, I listen to how native speakers communicate, repeating common phrases and words used. It is also important to honor cultural etiquette and use basic greetings and manners.

Good food starts with quality ingredients—fresh, seasonal ingredients grown or raised as nature intended without additives or chemicals. A healthy ecosystem provides more nutrients to agriculture and promotes general health and well-being for all. Happy, healthy flora and fauna contribute to the overall quality of the products.

Once these ingredients find our kitchens, the best cooking is an art form, a way to preserve heritage, a gesture of love toward family and friends. If prepared with care and heart, food not only nourishes our bodies, but our spirits as well—especially when enjoyed together.

I celebrate restaurants, cafés and chefs that embody these ideals—as public expressions of residential spaces—quality product, courteous service, in an environment that is comfortable and welcoming to guests… just as we would do for guests in our own homes.

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