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Experiences Enrich Us.

Humans are a dynamic species with rich, complex histories. Let’s try to understand the culture of others, not on our own cultural terms, but rather, on theirs. What is considered “normal” to one, might be rude or bizarre to another. It is important that each of us work to better understand the other.

Through understanding, we may find appreciation. We must recognize and preserve the languages and cultures that are found in every region of every country throughout the world — acknowledging the identity, music, cuisine, environment, and spirit of each.

Be curious. Preserve the old. Embrace the new. The unknown is not to be feared, but to be discovered with an open heart. So, discover the beauty in all people and places throughout the world.

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Hospitality is not to change people, but to offer them space where change can take place.

Henri J.M. Nouwen

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Travel Guide to London: Kensington and Chelsea

As I poked between the iron gate, I heard a voice warn, “No photos.” I looked up from the estate to see a gentleman emerge from the buildings to kindly deliver his message. I was just there for the architecture. Beautiful details called to me, begging for my admiration. And although I was no threat,…

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Travel Guide: Vatican City

The world’s smallest country is also home to the Pope. However, not only Catholics make their pilgrimage to the Vatican, but people from around the world come in droves. Vatican City is a city-state politically separate from, but geographically surrounded by the city of Rome. The Vatican’s 3 main attractions Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel, and…

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Travel Guide: How Florence Inspires a Higher Standard and ‘Slow Tourism’

Stunning architecture and sculpted masterpieces, natural regional food and wine—Florence is sure to delight your perspective alongside your tastebuds. No wonder it’s such a popular destination. You really can’t help but fall in love with Florence. Italian Pride and Passion: Learn about Italian quality.Florentine Beauty Abounds: Discover the hot spots.A New Look Beyond Crowds: Consider…

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UNESCO World Heritage Sites

A Gothic Treasure: The Valencia Silk Exchange, La Lonja de la Seda

Light streams between a forest of spiral stone columns. Each support twists upward, branching into a delicate web of ribbed groin vaults overhead. This airy—seemingly weightless—volume exalts Valencia’s commercial hub, unique to its time. The History of This Temple of Trade When Pere Compte (renowned master builder from Girona) began construction of this trade center…

Travel Tale: From Overload to Awe in Vatican City

Corralled beneath ornate ceilings in halls of maps and tapestries, the crowded gallery corridors felt like an elegant livestock chute extending the length of a dozen football fields. From there, we were shoved into a smaller-than-expected chapel packed with tourists. This should have been a moment that forced my mouth agape as I wrapped my…


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