My love for food and travel, as well as my past work experience in the industry, enhances my design process in hospitality. When it comes to restaurants and hotels, I prefer sophistication over ostentation. I want to feel connection and warmth within a space. It is here that residential concepts meet commercial design.

A sense of pride in quality, details and customer service must be at the forefront of my guest experience. Establishments that celebrate authentic culture particularly pique my interest, so that when I enter, I feel either immersed in a place or transported to another.

The flavors of food found around the world excite my palate and invite me to celebrate their cultural connections. I am always looking to add to my list of dining recommendations. My collection of restaurants and cafes are those that have provided me with inspired dining experiences—which I can recommend—and to where I look forward to returning.

Certain hotel accommodations have also inspired my design interest. While I appreciate luxury and resort spas, I am mostly interested in clean comfort and authenticity. Regardless of the type of accommodations, I value a place to call home for my stay, a place to feel relaxed and rejuvenated.


Inspired dining experiences


Inspired accommodations