Block_MArchitecture is evidence.

This living record of history needs to be celebrated and preserved. Architecture is our collective connection to the people of our past: our ancestors and neighbors. Clues are found throughout these structures and the grounds surrounding them.

These clues tell of our evolution, the struggles we have endured, and the triumphs that carried us forward. This footprint, preserved through time, tells of our many cultures: our beliefs, customs and celebrations, along with the way people have led their daily lives. There are many lessons to be learned when examining details, layout, proportion and materials.

Through travel and research, I gather information about our world through architecture and the variety of cultures that make up the world around us. Inspiration surrounds us. As we continue to advance through technology, it is important to maintain balance between wisdom gained from the past and our drive toward the future. Creativity comes through the conduit of this balance. Our global society increases the importance, not only of tolerance, but of increased knowledge about our neighbors, and ultimately a celebration for our uniqueness.