Centrally located along the North Sea of the Netherlands, the Dutch province of North Holland is home to the national capital of Amsterdam, a 15-minute train ride east of the provincial capital of Haarlem.

Over the centuries, the Dutch have worked to control the waterways through engineering and with windmills, and use them to their advantage. Bicycles traverse across the bridges that span canals, while boats slip beneath them. Dams and dikes create fresh water lakes and additional land that would otherwise be submerged.

Historic Regions of North Holland



Greater Amsterdam, canals, architecture, museums, Schiphol Airport



beaches, dunes

Gooi and Vecht Region

Hilversum, cycling/walking trails in this “Garden of Amsterdam”

Waterland and Zaan Region

Edam, cheese, windmills, lake harbors

Kop van Noord-Holland

Alkmaar cheese market, Hoorn, agriculture

Texel (Tessel)

Largest of the West Frisian Islands, bird watching, dunes, beaches

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