Desert animals come to mind–lizards, eleven species of rattlesnakes and the venomous, but non-threatening, gila monster (pronounced “hee-la”)–who live among the arid landscape of Arizona, which features the giant saguaro cactus, Joshua trees, fossilized trees of the Petrified Forest and majestic canyons. Best known is the Grand Canyon where the land slices open, exposing its jagged, copper-colored rock cliffs.

Also found here is the cactus wren, nesting for protection within the thorns of a saguaro cactus; tiny tree frogs live in its mountains; turquoise and copper are abundant in its rock. Along with protecting its natural wonders, Arizona has designated the most land of any U.S. state to several native tribes who have settled here for centuries–among them are Navajo, Apache, and Hopi people.

The Contrast of Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon West - Looking for an amazing day trip from Las Vegas?