Travel throughout California to find an array of climates, terrains and communities. Sandy ocean beaches and rugged cliff sides make up its coastline along the Pacific. The terrain inland undulates from grassy hills down into valleys, then back up toward majestic mountaintops. Massive Sequoias and Redwoods fill forests, while the Central Valley provides abundant agriculture.

The Sierra Nevada Mountains are perfect for skiing in winter, or escaping the extreme heat of the valley in the summer. Found in these mountains are some of the most spectacular natural wonders: Mount Shasta rises up as a monolithic peak; Lake Tahoe is within a few hours’ drive of the magnificent Yosemite Valley; Mount Whitney ascends among the highest peaks to the south; nearby to the east, the land descends to the depths of Death Valley below—respectively these final two are the highest and lowest points in the contiguous United States.

Missions maintain evidence of its Spanish history, while native tribes have called this land home for centuries. Immigrants filled the region during the Gold Rush, and now vibrant urban centers provide culture and connection to the world. But where the major metropolis can be sprawling with congestion, its quaint, rural towns and protected landscapes offer a quiet respite and connection to nature. California is a state that offers something for everyone.

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Los Angeles - The great thing about LA is that there is so much variety—in culture, in design, and in options for food, entertainment and shopping.
Cafeteria 15L - Cafeteria 15L celebrates fresh ingredients—comfort food with a fresh, urban twist.
Hearst Castle - This lavish estate, inspired by Spanish architecture, was the ultimate achievement of architect, Julia Morgan.
San Diego Omni La Costa Resort - Catering to guests of all ages with an array of interests, this luxurious resort exemplifies the ultimate in entertainment combined with relaxation and comfort.
California Spanish Mission - The influence of Spanish Baroque and Moorish architecture combined with native Pueblo/adobe construction methods.
The Allure of the Hills - A closer look into El Dorado Hills peers behind the facade. Soul. The essence of a place is felt through these threads of energy. Layers are…

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Finding Ambiance in El Dorado Hills - Seeking the atmosphere of a village
Apple Hill in the Sierra Nevada - ... the contrast of elements found in nature inspires my creativity.
Contemporary Mediterranean-Style Design - A home that still represents the beauty of architecture today.