The world is full of wonder.

Every experience is unique to the beholder. For me, travel writing and photography capture my experiences; through which, I hope to inform and inspire others. Each story is a pebble in my journey. Each pebble finds its place among the mosaic — each unique, yet with common elements.

Similarly among our lives and cultures, which are so vast and varied, we often discover more commonalities than differences. Discover your mosaic of pebbles. Discover and appreciate the wonder of our shared planet.


Honoring 9/11, Promoting Peace - Honored to have been chosen as my son’s interviewee for his 8th grade writing assignment for which he was to interview someone who could recall…

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Yosemite Spring - Winter Deluge Enhanced the Beauty of this Natural Treasure Original article on Medium Yosemite Valley — photo by Caden Giaudrone Wet Winter February 2017 — according to reports, this was…

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The Allure of the Hills - A closer look into El Dorado Hills peers behind the facade. Soul. The essence of a place is felt through these threads of energy. Layers are…

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