Every experience is unique to the beholder. Use my experiences as a traveler to forge your own adventures. Beyond the tourist highlights featured in a guidebook is a traveler who wants to be among the locals, eat the food, try to speak in a foreign tongue—really experience the culture.

Each story is a pebble in my journey. What does yours look like? Each pebble finds its place among the mosaic—each unique, yet with common elements. Similarly, we often find among our vast and varied lives and cultures more commonalities than differences. Where will you go?

Find your mosaic of pebbles. Discover and appreciate the wonder of our shared planet.

Traveling—it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.

Ibn Battuta

Argentine Asado in the Tigre Delta

An opportunity of a lifetime. Similar to our American barbecue in some ways, the idea of a full asado is foreign—a cultural experience, unique to Argentines. Ours awaited a short way from Tigre into the expansive Paraná Delta. We piled into the dinghy and braced ourselves. The marina behind us quickly disappeared as Frederic ripped…

6 Elements of the Argentinian Asado

What is an Asado? In Argentina, “Asado” means Barbeque, which refers to the event and/or cut of meat (short ribs or spare ribs). The name originates from the Spanish verb asar, meaning to grill. 6 Elements of the Asado  Photos from our Asado in the Tigre Delta

Catalan Summer Solstice Festival Is Fire

Each year throughout Spain, particularly in Catalonia’s Girona Pyrenees, as the sun reaches its zenith, summer begins with a celebratory bang: the Fire Festival of Sant Joan’s Eve, claiming to eliminate evil spirits, cure disease, and cleanse souls. Rhythmic drums beat. Horns blared down the street. From our apartment’s shallow Juliet balcony in old Girona,…

The Eiffel Tower: French Icon, Once Disputed, Now Cherished

Daybreak cast a hazy pastel backdrop beyond the trellised silhouette. Once viewed by Parisians as a blemish upon the skyline, this wrought-iron structure now proudly stands as France’s most celebrated icon. Our body clocks, not yet adjusted from Pacific Standard Time, woke us in the early morning darkness on the first day of our first…

3 Southern US States, 3 Universities, 3 Styles

Join our adventure in the story links below. Discover how three college towns gave us three completely different experiences. Each campus showed us an array of southern charm and character, each with distinct qualities. The pastel-colored University of South Carolina was warm and welcoming with a personalized approach. The classically inspired University of Georgia was…

Finding a Haven at the University of Georgia

Jubilant students on TV rushed to ring a chapel bell as Georgia beat Alabama in the college football national championship game. A few weeks later, we find ourselves standing at that same bell hanging from within a white trussed tower. A student marches eagerly up to ring the bell with vigor, a tradition first recorded…

Guided by Warm Charm at the University of South Carolina

Just a couple blocks from the South Carolina State House, we enter through one of two openings in the brick “Horseshoe Wall” that once protected the campus from burning during the Civil War. The cozy atmosphere invites us in. A brick path leads us into a tree-lined park setting where two centuries of pastel-colored history…


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