Every experience is unique to the beholder. Use my experiences as a traveler to forge your own adventures. Beyond the tourist highlights featured in a guidebook is a traveler who wants to be among the locals, eat the food, try to speak in a foreign tongue—really experience the culture.

Each story is a pebble in my journey. What does yours look like? Each pebble finds its place among the mosaic—each unique, yet with common elements. Similarly, we often find among our vast and varied lives and cultures more commonalities than differences. Where will you go?

Find your mosaic of pebbles. Discover and appreciate the wonder of our shared planet.

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Traveling—it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.

Ibn Battuta

Travel Guide to London: Kensington and Chelsea

As I poked between the iron gate, I heard a voice warn, “No photos.” I looked up from the estate to see a gentleman emerge from the buildings to kindly deliver his message. I was just there for the architecture. Beautiful details called to me, begging for my admiration. And although I was no threat,…

Travel Guide: Vatican City

The world’s smallest country is also home to the Pope. However, not only Catholics make their pilgrimage to the Vatican, but people from around the world come in droves. Vatican City is a city-state politically separate from, but geographically surrounded by the city of Rome. The Vatican’s 3 main attractions Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel, and…

Travel Guide: How Florence Inspires a Higher Standard and ‘Slow Tourism’

Stunning architecture and sculpted masterpieces, natural regional food and wine—Florence is sure to delight your perspective alongside your tastebuds. No wonder it’s such a popular destination. You really can’t help but fall in love with Florence. Italian Pride and Passion Italians take pride in their work. Their enthusiasm is infectious. Italy celebrates artisans and designers,…

Travel Guide: Northwestern Europe

As we watched the 2018 FIFA World Cup games, we prepared for a nearly month-long trip to Europe. The global game of football, soccer to Americans, was our theme. Aaron and I had wanted to take our two teenage boys to Europe for years. They began playing at a young age and continue to receive technical…

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