Writes articles and essays on architecture, ideas and experiences. Creates supporting photo journals. Articles, photography, and research primarily focused on travel and design to promote quality and cultural awareness.

Celebrating the world and its history

With a keen appreciation for character and style, my desire is to identify what makes places special and beautiful by delving into their history and details. My professional architectural design and travel experience influences my unique perspective of the world around us. My writing and photographs celebrate architecture and travel, culture and food, innovation and history.

Nonfiction writing and photography

Articles, Photos, Research and Editing

  • Magazine Publications
  • Online Publications and Blog Writing
  • Trade Magazine Articles
  • Web Content
  • Research
  • Layout and Editing Experience

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HAVE CAMERA, WILL TRAVEL Capture moments, settings, experiences. Discover details. Tell a story. For me, photography is art that captures a moment in time. The…

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THE WORLD IS FULL OF WONDER. Every experience is unique to the beholder. For me, travel writing and photography capture my experiences; through which, I…

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