Promotes quality, craftsmanship, and heritage. Recommends quality travel and dining experiences, hospitality design/service, and product design. Works to bring understanding and appreciation for culture and humanity. Inspired to better preserve the beauty of this global community in which we all live.

Travel + Food + Design Enthusiast

Quality is a byproduct of excellence. Excellence is attention to detail and a desire to be one’s best.

My work as a designer and travel enthusiast, combined with a background in restaurants and retail, influences my unique perspective of the world around us. My experience in high-end retail, product sourcing and design specifications has instilled in me a high standard for quality products, customer service and details.

Working with people from around the world has encouraged me to celebrate and help preserve heritage. It is important to improve and better integrate with the world around us.

Through a keen appreciation for culture, character and style, I often delve into the history and details of places, respectful of traditions and customs. Corporations, small businesses and individuals alike have social and environmental responsibilities to sustainably support our evolving world in productive ways.

Travel Recommendations

Enthusiast of cultural experiences

Organized pre-planning and an openness to new experiences are keys to creating a successful voyage, life-long memories and an enhanced life through travel. To create meaningful travel itineraries:

  • Prioritize destinations and options
  • Determine transportation: reservations and methods of transport, flights, rail passes, car rentals, ferries and cruises
  • Create a schedule — a framework calendar — not a rigid itinerary, but daily options and business hours of operation
  • Decide on enriching experiences: sites, history, adventure, nature, relaxation, cultural, food, shopping, sports…
  • Gain travel, hotel, dining recommendations: sift through information to discover what is right for you

Consult with AMG Inspired for travel recommendations and suggested itineraries.

Hospitality Recommendations

Enthusiast of quality and detail

Identify successful elements as seen from a guest perspective. Encourage improvements. Promote and create quality human experiences. Areas to evaluate hospitality, dining and any retail/service establishments:

  • Food: Quality of products and courses in taste and presentation
  • Design: Ease and efficiency to make spaces work well
  • Atmosphere: Aesthetics make places unique and beautiful
  • Service: General hospitality and service practices that earn repeat customers

As a customer, questions run through my mind: Is the environment welcoming and comfortable with a functional and efficient layout? Is the staff genuine and helpful, providing quality and service? Is the food delicious and presented nicely? Do I want to return or recommend it to friends? Does it contribute a sense of quality and soul for the community?

Consult with AMG Inspired for recommendations and reviews.

Product Recommendations

Enthusiast of quality products and experiences

Discover products, people and organizations that provide:

  • Artisan products — handmade or machined with precision
  • Workplaces that support the quality of life for families and communities
  • Aesthetics inspired by cultural heritage, design ingenuity, natural materials
  • Global, cultural, and environmental consciousness
  • Life-enrichment and inspiration

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