creates a user experience. I envision well-thought flow and inspired architectural spaces. My vision translates client desires to create better movement and focal points that are inspired by the region and align in a collective effort with like-minded architects and building professionals.

Design’s higher purpose: to elevate and better lives

Responsible design must consider its environmental impact and enhance user well-being and productivity. Quality is more sustainable to save long-term time and money. But more importantly, connected communities inspire vibrant lifestyles. Cultural experiences uplift residents and visitors. Earth-friendly design better aligns with the natural world.

Collaboration is essential. My services align my values with clients and other professionals who also uphold a high standard of excellence, service, and detail. Success brings a sense of ease with beautiful results. My expertise creates a clear vision, giving shape to our design concept for custom residences, workplaces, hospitality, and renovations.

Architectural Detail

Space and form elegantly combine style, function, and flow to blur the lines between interior and exterior, nature and building.

Interior Artistry

Attention to detail develops continuity to seamlessly connect all design features and uses with visual interest and texture.

Custom layouts and architectural details for homes, restaurants, and commercial spaces:

  • Create a design concept to serve your functional needs and aesthetic desires
  • Layout clean, organized spaces
  • Model the design with floor plans, elevations, sections, details, finishes, and fixtures
  • Coordinate document production
  • Remote planning and design services available

Align with me to create an inspired reality.

$125 hourly rate (flat rates available for some services, starting at $2000)

Form follows function.

architect Louis H. Sullivan

Residential Design

Custom Homes and Renovations

Commercial Design

Hospitality and Workplaces