My photos and writings capture aspects of places. Qualities and details are discovered through my perspective—the lens of a traveler, inspired by locals—to create visual and written work focused on travel, architecture, culture, and food.

Capturing the world in a frame and a tale.

I capture. Discover beauty and details in the world through my lens. My photography aims to create visual compositions, bring awareness, and identify the details that make places unique. My eye is fueled by an intention to inspire and bring awareness.

I compose. I encourage cultural understanding and appreciation for our multi-faceted world in thought-provoking stories and informative pieces. My resources on travel, architecture, culture, and food are meant to inform and take readers on a journey.

As an architecture, food and travel enthusiast, my appreciation invokes a desire to capture places and details of the world as moments in time, some created by civilizations over millennia, to inspire appreciation and understanding.

My professional architectural design and travel experience influences my perspective. My keen appreciation for details, character and style fuels my desire to identify what makes places special and beautiful. 

Let’s capture beautiful places and details.

Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.

Dorothea Lange


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