I write to share, to learn, to discuss. Life experiences are best when shared. My passion for travel, architecture, culture, and food—finding cool, delicious, interesting places, and what I learn in my quest to better understand our connection to this global community—all begs to be shared and discussed, to encourage quality and global awareness.

Celebrating the world and its heritage

I compose thought-provoking stories, informative pieces, and resources on travel, architecture, culture, and food, meant to inform and take readers on my journey. I encourage cultural understanding and appreciation for our multi-faceted world.

My professional architectural design and travel experience influences my perspective. My keen appreciation for details, character and style fuels my desire to identify what makes places special and beautiful.

As an architecture, food and travel enthusiast, I am always eager to exchange experiences and information with others. Let’s share ideas and experiences with an intention to learn and spark healthy dialogue to inspire our world, our minds and our spaces.

Let’s compose thoughtful stories and content.

Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.

Albert Einstein


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