Writes articles and essays on architecture, ideas and experiences. Promotes quality and global awareness through visual and written work with focus on architecture and design, travel and food, culture and heritage, innovation and history.

Celebrating the world and its heritage

My keen appreciation for details, character and style fuels my desire to identify what makes places special and beautiful. My professional architectural design and travel experience influences my unique perspective of the world around us.

Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.

Albert Einstein

As an architecture, food and travel enthusiast, I am always eager to share experiences and information with others. Fueling my work is an intention to inspire and spark consciousness into our world, our minds and our spaces.

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HAVE CAMERA, WILL TRAVEL Capture moments, settings, experiences. Discover details. Tell a story. North America Asia Europe For me, photography is art that captures a…

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THE WORLD IS FULL OF WONDER. Every experience is unique to the beholder. For me, travel writing and photography capture my experiences; through which, I…

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