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With a keen appreciation for character and style, my desire is to identify what makes places special and beautiful by delving into the history and details of places. My professional architectural design and travel experience influences my unique perspective of the world around us. My writing and photographs celebrate architecture and travel, culture and food, innovation and history.

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Northwestern Europe - Football-inspired travels led to our discovery of Northwestern Europe and the history architecture, cuisine and cultures found there. While watching the 2018 FIFA World Cup…

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Honoring 9/11, Promoting Peace - Honored to have been chosen as my son’s interviewee for his 8th grade writing assignment for which he was to interview someone who could recall…

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Yosemite Spring - Winter Deluge Enhanced the Beauty of this Natural Treasure, published on Medium
The Allure of the Hills - A closer look into this area that I call home
Exporing Touraine in the Loire Valley - The city of Tours and Château d’Artigny was a good starting point for our self-guided driving tour throughout the Loire Valley of France. Our day’s agenda took us through the…

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Chateau d’Artigny - Upon leaving Chartres, France, we headed off to Château d’Artigny near Montbazon, a few miles away from the city of Tours. Sitting along the Indre River in the heart…

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Chartres Cathedral - In addition to enjoying rich cafés, fresh local cuisine, regional wine and chévre cheese, we set out to experience the home to some of the world’s greatest…

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Hagia Sophia - The Hagia Sophia (meaning “Holy Wisdom” in Greek) has remained one of the most profound wonders of my study of architectural history and one that I…

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