Located between its Flemish Dutch-speaking North and Walloon French-speaking South, Brussels is the multi-faceted, multicultural international capital of Belgium.

Central Brussels


Language: French & Dutch (parenthesis)
Currency: Euro €
When to go: Ideal May or September; 
Summer – generally mild, some rain, can be hot & humid; 
Winter – chilly and gray, but also cozy, Christmastime lights
Airport: Brussels Airport
Train station: Bruxelles-Central (Brussel-Centraal) for main sights + Bruxelles-Midi (Brussel-Zuid) for high-speed Eurostar or Thalys—direct routes to London, Paris, and Amsterdam—both stations are connected to Metro

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  • Eurostar — the high-speed train connects Brussels to London in around 3 hrs
  • Thalys — another high-speed train option, takes under 1 1/2 hours to travel between Brussels and Paris
  • Rail Europe is a great source for making necessary train reservations—find more travel information at Northwestern Europe
  • Our Eurail passes covered our train travel between cities and villages within our selected countries on the continent
  • For local travel in Brussels, we purchased metro tickets from the ticket booth in the station
  • Metro maps were stored on our phones for quick reference, such as this one for Brussels:
Brussels Metro Map

Brussels Explored