Located at the point where the Rhône exits the far southwestern tip of Lake Geneva, the Swiss capital of the Canton of Geneva maintains Swiss political neutrality as the European seat of the UN and Red Cross headquarters. Though this financial and scientific center is ranked as one of the most livable, it is also one of the most expensive globally.

  • Swiss capital of the Canton of Geneva
  • Currency — Swiss Franc
  • Languages — French
  • Tram and bus passes are free upon hotel check-in
  • Walkable historic center and waterfront area
  • Geneva is ranked as one of the safest city, with little to no petty theft or violent crime

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  • France’s TGV high-speed rail connects to Paris in 3 hours and to Lyon in 2 hours, as well as to southern France; Euro-City (EC) trains connect Geneva via Lausanne to Milan in 4 hours and to Venice in 7 hours—helpful rail info HERE
  • Rail Europe is a great source for making necessary train reservations—more travel information can be found in my post on an earlier trip: Northwestern Europe
  • Our Eurail passes covered our train travel between cities and villages within our selected countries on the continent
  • Although we walked, free local bus and tram transport is available throughout Geneva upon hotel check-in—For timetables and rail pass info, provides good information

A Quick Taste of Geneva, Switzerland

First impressions influence perceptions, but even a short stay can give a sense of a place. During our stopover, we gained a brief feel for the city—and a delicious meal—without completely breaking the (Swiss) bank. What can you do in a single evening in Geneva? I wondered how much we would learn about this place…