Starting his journey as an artist in Leiden, Rembrandt van Rijn became the 17th-century Golden Age master painter known for his dramatic use of light and shadow. His work can be seen at the Museum De Lakenhal, a short walk from Leiden Centraal train station.

Directly out of the station, the city welcomes visitors onto the stationsplein. Continuing from there on Stationsweg toward the Rijnsburgerbrug, where the bridge had a scenic view of the Molen de Valk windmill across the canal. Not far the Citadel, Burcht van Leiden, is perched on a hilly mound providing 360° views of the city.

The world-renowned University of Leiden contributes to the vibrancy of the city. Teeming with canals, hofjes (courtyards) and restaurants, historical Leiden feels like a scaled-down version of Amsterdam.

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