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The Uruguay River separates the two countries of Argentina and Uruguay in South America. At the river’s mouth and confluence with the Paraná River is the Rio de la Plata estuary, the most densely populated part of both countries.


The regions of the Argentine Republic range from the mountainous Andes to semi-arid plains, alluvial rivers to fertile wine-growing regions, temperate zones to polar Antarctic zones.


The Oriental Republic of Uruguay is part of the southern cone region of South America, which sits along its eastern Atlantic seaboard within a semi-tropical temperate zone.



Buenos Aires (capital) + La Pampa + Córdoba + Santa Fe

La Mesopotamia

Entre Ríos + Corrientes + Misiones


Chaco + Formosa

Andean Northwest

Jujuy + Salta + Santiago del Estero + Tukumán + Catamarca + La Rioja


San Juan + San Luis + Mendoza


Neuquén + Rio Négro + Chubut + Santa Cruz

Tierra del Fuego


Rio del la Plata

Montevideo (capital) + Canelones + San José + Colonia del Sacramento + Soriano + Rio Négro

Northern Interior

Paysandú + Salto + Artigas + Tauarembó + Rivera

Central Interior

Durazno + Cerra Largo + Treinta y Trés + Lavalleja + Florida + Flores

Atlantic Coast

Maldonado + Rocha


Argentina Flag
Photo by Angelica Reyes on Unsplash


Argentina is the second-largest country in South America, occupying most of the continent’s southern tip. Its capital is Buenos Aires across the Rio de la Plata from Uruguay.

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Uruguay Flag
Photo by Guilherme Hellwinkel on Unsplash


The second-smallest country in South America, Uruguay is tucked between Argentina and Brazil. Its capital is Montevideo, a 3-hour ferry ride from Bueno Aires, Argentina. Colonia del Sacramento is a UNESCO World Heritage Site just across the Rio de la Plata from Bueno Aires.

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