B.A. in Interior Architecture, CID, LEED AP

My experience in architectural design, restaurant & hospitality, and travel have deepened my appreciation for traditions and quality. I feed my passions for food and culture while continuing to learn languages (particularly French, Spanish, Italian & Japanese), to expand my creativity, to preserve heritage and a healthy planet, and to encourage an open mind and heart.

Global Traveler, Designer, Photographer, and Writer

My greatest joy is traveling with my family as global citizens to really learn about places and people. My husband and I live in California’s Sierra Nevada foothills with our two boys. During our adventures over the past decade, my husband and I have been fortunate to watch our boys play competitive soccer throughout California and the West Coast of the US, and in Europe.

My friends know how passionate I am about architecture, culture, and food. These influence my efforts as a designer, writer, photographer, traveler, and life-long student of heritage and language. I celebrate quality and traditions, feel inspired by beauty and nature, and get excited about enriching experiences, global cuisine, and fine craftsmanship.

During my past two decades spent designing spaces, I combined beauty with function while expanding my views on architecture, interiors, and development. I understand the fragility of humanity and the natural world. In both design and travel, I focus on the journey—space to space, culture to culture. I’m inspired by innovation balanced with tradition. I’m shaped by my global experiences and great people. Photography and writing are my creative expressions, reflective of my perspective of the world and that which inspires or moves me.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.


Let’s Work Together.

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Founded in 2008, AMG Inspired promotes quality, awareness, and integrity. We design beautiful, functional layouts for homes and entertainment spaces. We create printed and digital materials focused on travel, architecture, food, and culture. We plan experiences, and photograph and write about places to encourage preservation and understanding. Ultimately, we strive to improve lives. 


We create spaces.

We travel the world.

We capture beauty and details. 

We compose stories and ideas.


Collaboration enhances quality. Research and travel promote a better understanding of people and places but must have an intention to preserve and elevate. Quality inspires us all. We must preserve traditions and techniques used to create quality and craftsmanship. To thrive, we must value the beauty of nature, clean cities, and healthy lifestyles for all. Cooperation is the key to enhancement and inspiration. We work together to uplift and bring balance to the world.


Design Philosophy

A carefully planned design produces well-considered spaces and details that will be more functional and enjoyed longer, saving time and money. Focal points, materials, textures, and colors create visual interest.

Travel Philosophy

To understand other cultures and languages, my aim is to experience the world without judgment, seeing life through different eyes, honoring other customs, ways of communicating. Knowledge promotes understanding.

Food Philosophy

Good food starts with quality ingredients—fresh, seasonal ingredients grown or raised as nature intended without additives or chemicals. Balance is fundamental.


Innovative solutions must support a complex world, be sustainable, preserve cultural heritage, and aid small, independent farmers, artisans, and businesses.