B.A. in Interior Architecture, CID, LEED AP

🏛️ Designer + Travel Creative
📷 Writer | Photographer
☕️ Food/Culture/Language Enthusiast
🌎 Global Citizen encouraging Excellence + Heritage Protection

Enthusiast of architecture, food, culture, and language—I manage to get by in French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese. I ardently explore the world and spread its beauty through my art. Thanks to my travel adventures and work in architectural design and hospitality, I’ve developed a profound admiration for traditions and excellence. As a citizen of the world, I embrace endless creativity and encourage everyone to keep their minds and hearts wide open.

Travel Creative | Photo Essayist | Storyteller | Design Consultant

I’m obsessed with sunsets, paricularly over water, savoring good food, experiencing beautiful places, spaces, architecture, and immersing myself in different cultures around the world.

Traveling with my family, who are dual Italian-American citizens, brings me the greatest joy. We’ve been lucky enough to watch our two talented kids grow and play competitive soccer in California and various places throughout the western US, Europe, and Argentina. Although we’re from the American West Coast, we see ourselves global citizens, always eager to discover and learn. I’m constantly annoying my family while chronicling my epic travels through photos and writing, even though my son is also an award-winning photographer. Some may call me a super geek because I have a passion for learning languages, watching interesting documentaries, and engaging in thought-provoking discussions, but I just can’t get enough of these things. Hold on tight, as this travel-obsessed, language-loving, and curious individual embarks on another exciting adventure!

As for my career of over twenty-five years, I’ve dedicated myself to the amazing world of architecture, designing spaces, mixing beauty and functionality, creativity and calculations. My experience has broadened my horizons, drawing inspiration from worldwide traditions. I am aware of the fragility of humanity and the natural environment. Whether I’m designing or exploring new frontiers, I live for and thrive on the journey, leaping from one incredible space to another, immersing myself in culture. I find inspiration in the combination of innovative ideas and traditional values, shaped by global experiences and interactions with extraordinary people. My superpower is observing the world deeply, capturing my unique perspective, and sharing it with the world.

My purpose in life? It’s to elevate quality standards, promote integrity and expand awareness. You know, it’s all about combining careful attention to detail and passionate dedication to make everything exceptional. Artistry is the secret ingredient that adds a special touch of authenticity. And travel, my friend, is like a magical potion that enhances our appreciation for all the amazing things.

So here’s the plan: I want to protect cultural heritage and artistic expression while embracing new ideas and cutting-edge industries. I assure you, I’ll tackle it all with precise focus, limitless enthusiasm, and a remarkable artistic touch! Let me know if, together, we could make a difference.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.


Let’s Work Together.

To make magic happen:

AMG Inspired raises the bar for quality standards, promotes integrity, and increases awareness.


Creating high quality

Photographing beauty and details

Experiencing the world

Storytelling and sharing ideas


Collaborate with other visionaries to align our efforts and positively impact our world.

Collaboration improves quality. Research and traveling help us understand others and different places, but we need to do it in a way that protects and raises them up. Quality inspires us all. We need to keep the traditions and techniques of quality craftsmanship. To thrive, we must value the beauty of nature, a clean planet, and healthy lifestyles for all. Cooperation is the key to improvement and inspiration. Working together uplifts each of us and brings harmony to the world.

Design Philosophy

A carefully planned design produces thoughtful details in spaces and products that will be more practical and enjoyed for a longer time, saving time and money. Focal points, materials, textures, and colors add visual appeal.

Travel Philosophy

To learn about different cultures and languages, my goal is to explore the world without judgment, to see life from different perspectives, and to respect other traditions and ways of communicating. Learning leads to understanding.

Food Philosophy

Good food starts with high-quality ingredients—fresh, local, seasonal ingredients grown or raised as nature intended without additives or chemicals, following the natural methods. Balance is fundamental.


Innovative solutions should help this complex world, last for a long time, protect cultural heritage, and assist small, independent farmers, artisans, and businesses.