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Catalan Summer Solstice Festival Is Fire

Each year throughout Spain, particularly in Catalonia’s Girona Pyrenees, as the sun reaches its zenith, summer begins with a celebratory bang: the Fire Festival of Sant Joan’s Eve, claiming to eliminate evil spirits, cure disease, and cleanse souls. Rhythmic drums beat. Horns blared down the street. From our apartment’s shallow Juliet balcony in old Girona, […]

A Gothic Treasure: The Valencia Silk Exchange, La Lonja de la Seda

Light streams between a forest of spiral stone columns. Each support twists upward, branching into a delicate web of ribbed groin vaults overhead. This airy—seemingly weightless—volume exalts Valencia’s commercial hub, unique to its time. The History of This Temple of Trade When Pere Compte (renowned master builder from Girona) began construction of this trade center […]

Barcelona: Spain or Catalonia?—When we unexpectedly met its complexity and conflict

Many may not even realize—I, one of limited knowledge, can only begin to understand—the layers of Barcelona’s complicated history within the region of Catalonia. Seeing their pride and their frustration in action only gave me a glimpse. What I do know—people want to be heard. Acknowledged. Respected. Our issues are universal. A common desire among […]

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The Luster of Valencia: Revealng Spain’s Third-Largest City (Part 3 of 3): Quality + Balance

As my family’s Valencian soccer trip came to an end, we reflected that true prosperity flourishes in their balanced way of life. The people displayed pride in artistry and quality. Integrity is in the details. Small businesses and local vendors matter more than chain stores. Celebration and relaxation are shared by all. Compact Quality and […]

The Luster of Valencia: Revealng Spain’s Third-Largest City (Part 2 of 3): Artistry + Progress

As Valencia progresses into the 21st century, this city built over two millennia works to maintain her heritage. Quality development balances artful modern construction with soul-protecting historic preservation. The Wisdom in Artistry & Soulful Progress We were first introduced to Valencia through La Turia Gardens. This river of green space flows around the old city, […]

The Luster of Valencia: Revealng Spain’s Third-Largest City (Part 1 of 3): Her Allure

Valencia doesn’t seem to realize how beguiling she is, which only adds to her charm. As the capital of a once-prominent region, this unpretentious city proudly showed us a restoring sense of hope through her unique qualities. Valencia Reveals Her Allure Previously left behind by Franco, the 20th century Spanish dictator, Valencia gradually emerges from […]