Upon leaving Chartres, France, we headed off to Château d’Artigny near Montbazon, a few miles away from the city of Tours. Sitting along the Indre River in the heart of the Loire Valley, this near-replica of the 18th-century château at Champlâtreux was completed in 1928. We called it home for a few days while we took in the local sites. However, this building and its grounds proved worthy of its own recognition.

Although the current building is under 100 years old, the original structure on this site dated back to the 17th century. This château was beautifully constructed in an authentically traditional French Baroque style with its formal balance of symmetry, Mansard roof and dormer windows, engaged columns and banded rustication in the stone work.

The grandeur of the estate is impressive upon arrival.

From the moment we arrived, every detail was authentic, accentuated by the quality of materials and artistry. All that followed continued to impress…

Reflective of the French Baroque architecture to be found at the château, the gatehouse welcomes guests upon entry to the property.
Arriving at the estate, one is greeted by the entrance fountain and gardens, overlooked by the cottage-like outbuildings.
The groin vault along the entrance hall leads to the grand staircase.
Interior dome painted in a trompe l’oeil fresco depicting a costume ball
Exquisite detailing of classical French Baroque style is exemplified in the details under the dome: intricate stone carvings and reliefs, banded rustication, pilasters and dentils, semicircular arches over fanlights and side-hung casement windows, and roof-penetrating oculus window.
The back terrace is a place to relax and take in the surrounding scenery.
The view over the Indre River captures the beauty of the Loire Valley.

The property allowed us to step back to a time under the king’s rule. It gave us a taste of sophisticated elegance that was once reserved for the aristocracy. We were able to immerse ourselves for a few days while we toured the grand châteaux of the Loire. The accommodations were excellent with a spacious room; our 5-course dinner was divine; and the casual atmosphere was relaxing.

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