Northwestern Europe

Football-inspired travels led to our discovery of Northwestern Europe and the history architecture, cuisine and cultures found there. While watching the 2018 FIFA World Cup…

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Honoring 9/11, Promoting Peace

Honored to have been chosen as my son's interviewee for his 8th grade writing assignment for which he was to interview someone who could recall…

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National Mall Treasures

National Mall — “America’s Front Yard” — is the heart and soul of Washington, D.C. (District of Columbia), the capital of the United States of America;…

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San Diego Taste of Spain

Café Sevilla Restaurant and Tapas Bar Nestled in the heart of the Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego is a wonderful Spanish restaurant. During our last visit,…

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Yosemite Spring

Winter Deluge Enhanced the Beauty of this Natural Treasure, published on Medium

Los Angeles

The great thing about LA is that there is so much variety—in culture, in design, and in options for food, entertainment and shopping.

Cafeteria 15L

Cafeteria 15L celebrates fresh ingredients—comfort food with a fresh, urban twist.

Hearst Castle

This lavish estate, inspired by Spanish architecture, was the ultimate achievement of architect, Julia Morgan.

San Diego Omni La Costa Resort

Catering to guests of all ages with an array of interests, this luxurious resort exemplifies the ultimate in entertainment combined with relaxation and comfort.

California Spanish Mission

The influence of Spanish Baroque and Moorish architecture combined with native Pueblo/adobe construction methods.


Inspired by the classics, Thomas Jefferson's iconic home in Charlottesville, Virginia--whose name Monticello means "little mount" in Italian--has become an American icon. In 1987, 200 years…

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U.S. Neoclassical Architecture

...established through the timeless principles of liberty and order...

Apple Hill in the Sierra Nevada

... the contrast of elements found in nature inspires my creativity.

The Contrast of Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon West

Looking for an amazing day trip from Las Vegas?

Landing in Lagos

This is a beautiful account of a journey through Nigeria… I’m very aware and concerned for our need to understand the rest of the world in order to promote peace and tolerance among all.

Eric Kueneman Ph.D.

First Impressions, by Judee Fisher:

Lagos is a giant, sprawling, dismal, dirty city full of smiling, beautiful people, situated on the ocean at the edge of an amazing tropical rain forest. Hot and cloudy, this being rainy season, Lagos is a dichotomy of filth and chaos in the midst of beautiful flora. Perhaps the most spectacular is the Flamboyant tree, appropriately named with large clusters of orange blossoms complimenting its lacy green leaves. The red dirt (not volcanic, but ancient) contrasts with emerald foliage of coconut and other palms, mangos, bananas, eucalyptus, rubber and teak, washed at least daily by warm tropical showers.

Against puffy white and grey clouds, mixed with black foreboding ones, are rusted tin roofs as well as walls. Walls are everywhere – block ones topped with barbed wire, spikes and broken glass, and high iron walls with massive ornate gates. Unbelievable pockets of slums are interspersed…

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Exporing Touraine in the Loire Valley

The city of Tours and Château d'Artigny was a good starting point for our self-guided driving tour throughout the Loire Valley of France. Our day's agenda took us through the…

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