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An entire building design may begin with a desired experience the client wishes to evoke. The role of the architect and designer is to first interpret this idea.

Design Development

Computer-rendered models can help transform a space plan into a three-dimensional concept. Here exterior and interior rendering used to communicate to the client. The end result evolves from these models.

AMG Inspired Design collaborated with Ellis Architects to develop a design concept for a Mexican restaurant: authentic Mexican with an urban flair.
Stone columns, heavy timber beams and adobe construction are adapted from tradition. Open design layout between dining, bar, courtyard and kitchen gives sense of space and energy. Glass provides connection to outdoor spaces and street presence.


Prior to any schematic designs, inspiration can begin with a collage of imagery used to convey the desired end result. Precedence boards evoke feeling and can be useful in presenting a design concept ideas to the client. In a study of Mexican architecture, a different ambiance is stimulated from each of these inspiration boards:

Inspired by Nature
Inspired by Color
Inspired by the City

Completed Project

Mexican Restaurant

MARIA’S CANTINA MEXICAN RESTAURANT in consultation with Ellis Architects Design of Maria’s Cantina, a Mexican restaurant in Woodland, California, began with the renovation of an existing building. The client wanted the style to evoke an old-world Mexican hacienda, and to evoke a sense of permanence using traditional elements. The intention was to create a relaxing environment in which…

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