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Deeply rooted in Spain’s Catalan heritage, Catalonia’s northeastern-most province just south of France is Girona with its provincial capital of the same name set in the Pyrenees foothills. The Costa Brava is its rugged resort region of cliffs and beaches on the Mediterranean coastline.


Administrative: Provincial Capital of Girona
Languages: Spanish and Catalan
Currency: Euro €
Airport: Barcelona–El Prat Airport BCN for international travel; Girona-Costa Brava airport GRO for local travel
Train Stations: Sants Estació (most central) and El Prat Estació (east of city near airport)
Walk: walkable historic center along the River Onyar become hilly along the east bank where you can walk along the 9th-century city walls, Muralles de Girona, to enjoy expansive views.

City of Girona Map


  • Train service runs north and south through the province with regional and high-speed AVE (Spain) and TGV (France) trains stopping at stations in Girona and Figueres-Vilafant. The Maçanet-Massanes regional station is also served by two Barcelona commuter rail lines.
  • TrainLine rail app is a good resource for making reservations
  • Rail Europe is also a great source for making necessary train reservations—more travel information can be found in my post on an earlier trip: Northwestern Europe
  • Our Eurail passes covered our train travel between cities and villages within our selected countries on the continent
  • Maps are stored on our phones for quick reference. This regional rail map extends from central Barcelona north into Girona at Maçanet-Massanes:

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