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On the Iberian Peninsula, Spain is a union of regions shaped by its history, varied climates, and geography. The people value and celebrate their unique heritage, each with distinct languages, traditions, food, and architecture. With 17 autonomous communities and 2 autonomous cities, passionate about preserving their individuality, “Spanish” refers to the collective nation including many unique cultures within the unitary country of Spain.

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Regions and Provinces of Spain

Spain map

Central Spain

Comunidad de Madrid

Capital province around the city of Madrid

Castilla-La Mancha

León + Zamora + Salamanca + Ávila + Segovia + Valladolid + Palencia + Burgos + Soria


Cáceres + Badajoz

Castilla y León

Guadalajara + Cuenca + Toledo + Albacete + Ciudad Real

Eastern Spain

Catalunya (Catalonia)

Barcelona + Girona + Tarragona + Lleida + ANDORRA (independent)


Huesca + Zaragoza + Teruel

Comunidad Valenciana

València + Castellón + Alicante


Southern Spain


Almería + Granada + Jaén + Cordoba + Málaga + Sevilla + Huelva + Cádiz + GIBRALTAR (British Overseas Territory)

Northern Spain

País Vasco (Basque Country)

Vizcaya + Gipuzkoa + Álava

La Rioja

Ourense + Pontevedra + A Coruña + Lugo


Islands + Enclaves

Balearic Islands (Mediterranean)

Ibiza + Formentera + Mallorca + Menorca

Canary Islands (African Atlantic)

La Palma + El Hierro + La Gomera + Tenerife + Gran Canaria + Fuerteventura + Lanzarote

Ceuta & Melilla (African enclaves)

Autonomous cities each bordered by Morocco on the Mediterranean Sea


Explore Places in Spain

Regions + Cities

Autonomous Communities

Comunidad Valenciana


Know Before You Go


official language

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official regions


capital of Spain

7 major languages are spoken in different regions of Spain.

  • Castilian Spanish: the official language of Spain, referred to as el español or el castellano
  • Catalan: spoken in Catalonia, Valencia, and the Balearic Islands (sole official language of Andorra)
  • Galician: spoken in Galician, similar to Portuguese, known in Spanish as el gallego
  • Basque: spoken in the Basque Regions of Spain and France, a “language isolate” not related to any other language, known in Spanish as el vasco
  • Occitan (Aranese): endangered language spoken in Val d’Aran of Pyrenees Catalonia, southern France, and in far western Alpine Piedmont of Italy
  • Asturian: endangered language spoken in Asturias
  • Arabic: once the dominant language in Spain during the period of al-Andalus, today it’s widely spoken in Ceuta, one of two enclaves surrounded by Morocco, and increasingly spoken by the influx of Moroccan immigrants to Spain

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