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The UK

The United Kingdom (UK) is one nation with four countries/provinces, which consist of three countries on the island of Great Britain—England, Scotland, and Wales—plus the province of Northern Ireland (six counties of Ulster) on the island of Ireland.

Linked by ferries and a sophisticated rail system, which even reaches the European continent, this relatively small island nation has been far-reaching in its global impact. A lifetime could be spent exploring its vast array of architectural masterpieces—ancient rock formations, medieval castles, bridges, palaces, churches, monuments, and modern structures—across a diverse landscape.

Note: The British Commonwealth of Nations, known simply as the Commonwealth, is an association of 54 independent countries, or member states—almost all former territories of the British Empire—from every continent around the world “working together for prosperity, democracy and peace.”

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The United Kingdom

UK “Home Nations” of Great Britain + Northern Ireland

99 counties: England (48) + Scotland (35) + Wales (8) + Northern Ireland (8)
Since Brexit in Jan 2020, the UK is no longer part of the EU (European Union).


Greater London

UK National Capital + English capital: City of London + 32 Boroughs (20 outer boroughs + 12 inner boroughs + the City of London)

City of London
Southern England
Midlands of England
Northern England



Lowlands of Scotland

Scottish capital: Edinburgh

Highlands + Islands of Scotland



Welsh capital: Cardiff

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland

North Irish capital: Belfast


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Countries + Cities

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capital of England

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