Washington DC – south facade

Washington DC


Washington DC, the national capital of the United States of America not designated to any state, was established through the timeless principles of liberty and order. This monumental city boasts world-renowned architecture and museums.


Jefferson Memorial
photo by Nick Palastro

Monuments and Museums

At the heart of Washington DC is the National Mall—an over two-mile-long central landscaped corridor—surrounded by Smithsonian museums, flanked by national monuments. The grounds create a cross-shaped green space with the Washington Monument, a 555-foot monolithic obelisk, standing west of center between the Lincoln Memorial (beyond the reflecting pool and World War II Memorial) on the west end and the US Capitol on the further east end. At the crossing of the corridor where the monolith stands are the White House (beyond the lawn of the Ellipse) to the north and the Jefferson Memorial across the Tidal Basin to the south.

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