The Flemish northern region of Belgium, Flanders is the Dutch-speaking half of the country. Canals run through the towns and villages of these flat lowlands, similar to its neighbor to the North, the Netherlands, though the culture is distinctly Belgian. Ghent was once the capital of the old county of Flanders.

Flemish Provinces

West Flanders

Bruges (Brugge), Kortrijk, Oostende, De Haag seaside resort, Ypres (Ieper), beaches, agriculture


Antwerp (Anvers), Mechelen cathedral, music festivals

Flemish Brabant

Leuven—old university town, surrounds Brussels

East Flanders

Ghent (Gand), Sint-Niklaas, cycling


Hasselt, forests, mining history, Tongeren—dates to Roman times

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Flanders Explored

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