The province of Utrecht—east of Holland in the Western Region, the center of the Netherlands—was the first to declare its independence from Spain in 1579, an act that started progress toward the eventual Kingdom of the Dutch Netherlands.

The provincial capital of Utrecht is a centuries-old university town with the same name. In its center stands the 14th-century Dom Church Tower which can be seen throughout the city.

The Rietveld Schröder House, De Stijl (pronounced “da style”) modern art movement icon from 1924, is a UNESCO World Heritage site in the city. Born in Utrecht in 1888, furniture designer and architect Gerrit Rietveld was one of the De Stijl movement’s principal members who designed the iconic Red and Blue chair that is found in the Centraal Museum.


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The Hague: Discover Den Haag.

A WEEK OF SOCCER & WEST NETHERLANDS FROM DEN HAAG A Dutch Football Camp Leads our Family to Experience West Netherlands through this Progressive International City. In Den Haag, historic converges with modern. Historic converges with modern in the Dutch government city of The Hague or Den Haag, Netherlands. Streets lined with antiquity are juxtaposed…

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Diversity is embraced here. “Weird” might be the Dutch norm due to pragmatic tolerance. This trade city has been accustomed to associating with different cultures, ideologies and lifestyles for centuries. Cooperation defines the Dutch. Tolerance makes Amsterdam’s heart beat. Rather than losing control to the social issues that can’t be eliminated through legislation—such as soft drugs,…


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