The Walloon southern region of Belgium, Wallonia, is the French-speaking half of the country. Its beautiful landscapes and hidden gems pre-dating its industrial heritage should not be overlooked. Forested hills, plateaus, and gorges of the Ardennes make up the much landscape, bordered by France to the southwest, Luxembourg to the southeast, and Germany to the east.

Walloon Provinces


Chimay (charming history), Tournai, Mons, Charleroi, industrial heritage


Namur, Dinant, mountainous gorges


Liège, Spa (the original for health & wellness), German-speaking parts

Walloon Brabant

Waterloo battlefield, Nivelles churches, Villiers-la-Ville Abbey ruins


Durbuy (smallest village), Ardennes hilly-forest mountains, sparsely populated, bordering the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (country)

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Wallonia Explored

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Where in the World is Belgium?

Finding Belgium on the Map Belgium is located in Northwestern Europe between the Netherlands and France along the North Sea. This small country is divided into 3 regions: Dutch-speaking (Flemish) Flanders to the North, French-speaking (Walloon) Wallonia to the South, and the centrally-located, bilingual Brussels-Capital Region. Flanders and Wallonia are then each divided into 5…