Destroyed in World War II, Rotterdam has risen from the ashes to become the dynamic, modern port city of the Netherlands. Amid a skyline of high-rises, the largest port in Europe (2nd in the world), this city provides vibrant nightlife, innovative restaurants, sophisticated shopping, hip art, and cutting-edge architecture.

Rotterdam is known for modern engineering feats and innovative architecture that can be found in the Kubuswoningen (Cube Houses), Erasmusbrug (the Erasmus Bridge with a single, asymmetrical pylon), Rotterdam’s market hall (indoor food market), and the Euromast (observation tower).


Rotterdam is well-connected to other cities in the Netherlands and Europe through its main train station, Rotterdam Centraal. Rail Europe is a great source for making necessary train reservations—find more travel information at Northwestern Europe.

Our Eurail passes covered our train travel between cities and villages within our selected countries on the continent. For local travel throughout the Netherlands, we purchased OV Chipkaart tram passes from the tourist office. For quick reference, we stored the tram map on our phones:

Rotterdam Metro
Rotterdam Metro/Tram Map

Weekend in Amsterdam

Diversity is embraced here. “Weird” might be the Dutch norm due to pragmatic tolerance. This trade city has been accustomed to associating with different cultures, ideologies and lifestyles for centuries. Cooperation defines the Dutch. Tolerance makes Amsterdam’s heart beat. Rather than losing control to the social issues that can’t be eliminated through legislation—such as soft drugs,…

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