What is an Asado?

In Argentina, “Asado” means Barbeque, which refers to the event and/or cut of meat (short ribs or spare ribs). The name originates from the Spanish verb asar, meaning to grill.

6 Elements of the Asado 

    a traditional Asador or Parrillero (grill chef) doesn’t use lighter fluid which taints the meat’s flavor 
    Parrilla (pa-ree-sha or -ja in Argentine Spanish) with adjustable height to control the heat; this name also refers to a steakhouse
    1 lb/person of beef:
    asado de tira (ribs), bife de chorizo (sirloin), entraña (skirt steak), ojo de bife (ribeye), vacío (flank), lomo (tenderloin);
    other meat:
    morcilla (blood sausage), chorizo (spicy sausage), chicken;
    achuras (grill starters):
    molleja (sweetbreads), chinchulines, aka. “chinchus” (chitterlings, small intestines);
    asador criollo (roasted whole on iron cross):
    chivito (goat) in Mendoza, cordero (lamb) in Patagonia, chancho / lechón / cochinillo (pig) in the Pampas
    pan (bread), papas fritas (potato fries), simple salad with oil & vinegar, verduras y pimientos (grilled vegetables and peppers), provoleta (Argentine pulled-curd provolone cheese, grilled then drizzled with olive oil, red pepper flakes & oregano), chimichurri (marinade typically of parsley, oregano, garlic, vinegar, olive oil, red pepper flakes), salsa criolla (sauce similar to pico de gallo with chopped tomato, onion, peppers, olive oil, vinegar, herbs)
  5. WINE – VINO
    Malbec is the most popular Argentine varietal
    a social gathering of family, friends, neighbors to celebrate life

Read Story about our…

Argentine Asado in the Tigre Delta

An opportunity of a lifetime. Similar to our American barbecue in some ways, the idea of a full asado is foreign—a cultural experience, unique to Argentines. Ours awaited a short way from Tigre into the expansive Paraná Delta. We piled into the dinghy and braced ourselves. The marina behind us quickly disappeared as Frederic ripped…

Photos from our Asado in the Tigre Delta

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